of this problem. We analyse here several

By performing the cyanogen bromide activation of hydroxylic gels (e.g., agarose) in alkaline phosphate solutions of very high buffer capacity, the pH control that has hitherto been necessary can be omitted. Strongly, moderately and weakly activated gels can easily be prepared in a simple and reproducible manner.Tyan and Thomas (J. Multivariate Anal.5 (1975), 227–235), have given a characterization of a class of bivariate distributions which yields, as a special case, a characterization of a class of bivariate Poisson distributions. In this paper we develop an analogous characterization of a class of bivariate Poisson processes and give some properties and examples of such processes.

For a two-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equation, a transformation has been obtained which transform usual propagating wave solutions to the explode-decay mode solutions. This is applied to the lump solitons and explicit explode-decay mode lump soliton solutions have been obtained.In this paper, we establish a number of sufficiency criteria under generalized ϱ − (η, θ)-invexity conditions for general continuous-time programming problems with nonlinear operator equality and inequality constraints. As an application of these results, we establish some existence criteria for solutions of a class of variational type inequalities.

We extend Henry Poincarés normal form theory for autonomous differential equations x=f(x) to nonautonomous differential equations x=f(t, x). Poincarés nonresonance condition λj−∑ni=1 ℓiλi≠0 for eigenvalues is generalized to the new nonresonance adidas femme chaussure condition λj∩∑ni=1 ℓiλi=∅ for spectral intervals.minimum dominating set of queens is one of the typical programming exercises of a first year’s computer science course. However, little work has been published on the complexity of this problem. We analyse here several algorithms and show that adidas femme noir advanced algorithmic techniques may dramatically speed up solving this problem.

We conduct a field experiment on tax compliance, focusing on newly founded firms. As a novelty the effect of tax authorities’ supervision on timely tax payments is examined. Interestingly, results show no positive adidas 2016 femme noir overall effect of close supervision on tax compliance.Another, more elementary proof is given of Proposition 2.3 in a recent paper by Dietrich Burde. This proposition says that n × n matrices A and X over an algebraically closed field K of characteristic zero satisfying the equality in the title of this paper can be simultaneously triangularized. The proposed proof is based on the Shemesh criterion for two matrices to have a common eigenvector.